Settlers Database back online

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For all those who have missed the Simcoe County Branch Settlers database, I am pleased to let you know that it is now back online. Navigate the menu above (Resources -> Branch Resources -> Settlers Database) to search, or click on the button to the right.

Search fields are located on the right of the screen. Depending on your device, you may have to scroll down the page a bit to find them. The “Columns” icon located to the left of the Print/Copy/PDF icons will allow you to select or deselect which columns you would like to view, and which ones to disregard. When you click on the icon, a drop down of column names appears. Click each column name to toggle (on or off) the columns you would like to see. You can choose how many entries you would like displayed on the page using the Show (#) Entries drop down box. The default value is set to 10, however, you can choose to view more if you prefer. Clicking on the arrow in the column title box will sort the column for you. As well, the Print/Copy/PDF icons allow you to print, copy, or save the list of entries for future research.

When you find an entry

Contact the Publications Chair with the Surname, Page Number (Set), and Source (Book Set) for information about how you can obtain the details for the entry. There is a small charge for this service, with proceeds being used to offset the cost of providing this service. Please use “Settlers Database Query” in the subject line of your message.

The Settlers database is updated regularly so be sure to check back from time to time. You never know when you will find something really helpful.

Happy searching …

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  1. Paul Russell

    I am researching my Russell family ancestors who lived in Barrie starting approx 1855-59. The head of the household was Andrew, wife Isabella (Easy) and at least nine children. Of most interest to me is the 10th child, William Dick Russell, born 28 May, 1863. I am trying to prove / disprove his parentage. By 1881, he had left Barrie and immigrated to Pennsylvania, US.

    My questions are:
    – Will the entries in your Settlers Database contain any information about birth records, parents, etc?
    – What data will these records actually include?
    – Are the records primarily from census and cemeteries
    – What is the charge for obtaining these records?
    – I live in Ohio, US – if I were to come to Barrie, would I have access to these records?

  2. James Wesley Powers

    I am in the midst of conducting on-line research concerning my POWERS Family that resided in southwestern Ontario, primarily Wallaceburg, Walkerville, Sandwich, Amherstburg and Windsor. I am having difficulty locating information pertaining to one of my grandfather’s sisters, Edna POWERS, born September 4, 1896 in Windsor. She is recorded in her brother’s 1950 obituary as Mrs. Edna FROST, Simcoe, Ontario. It is believed, but not confirmed, she married Harold Sturgeon FROST (1902-03-26) of Norfolk, Ontario in April 1943. No marriage, death (obituary) or burial record could be located for Edna POWERS. I have been using a variety of data bases, Ancestry (Library) Edition, Family Search, Archives Canada, Find a Grave, etc. Can you suggest any local archives records that could possibly assist. I reside in Ottawa, Ontario. Regards.

  3. B Butler

    Glad to see Data Base is back.

    A note for finding cemeteries.
    If the legal address says cemetery ground is on the South side (or half) the concession No. will be right,
    But if it saysthe cemetery is on the North Side or half the entrance will be off of the next concession.

  4. virginia goodhand

    my grandparents Charles and augusta goodhand were married in st michaels cathedral Toronto on 7/18/1912. she was from penetanguishene. I used to ave a wedding announcement which should have been printed in one of her hometown areas newspapers aprox 7/22-7/28/1912 describing the event(they were not prominent people) ending with “they were off on an extended trip” and even had a pic of them leaving the cathedral in a horse drawn carriage. I need a great deal of research help to find this and hope it still exists in an archive. my email address is thank you if you can find it for me !!!