Surviving the Famine: Tracing the Irish Famine Generation in Ontario

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Surviving the Famine: Tracing the Irish Famine Generation in Ontario
The story of the Great Irish Famine is well known. The population of Ireland was reduced by millions through starvation, disease, and outbound migration. While much of the emphasis and research has focused on those who did not survive the passage to Canada, or who died upon arrival, the Canada Ireland Foundation has launched a new project to celebrate the survivors of this tragedy and their success in Ontario, many of whom settled in Simcoe County. Dr. Laura Smith and Charmaine Lindsay, representatives of the Canada Ireland Foundation, explain their project and the documents they used to trace the migration of thousands of famine emigrants from Lake Ontario ports into the interior of the province in the summer of 1847. These documents, a group of little-known records at Library and Archives Canada called the Emigration Service Records, provided a vital missing link in tracing Irish famine migrants from an era where few passenger lists exist. In this presentation, the ladies outline how to access and use these records to trace your own Irish Ontario ancestors. They will also let you know how you can get involved and help with the Canada Ireland Foundation project.

Recorded on Sat. Feb. 12th, 2022
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