Barrie Public Library Project Volunteers
Simcoe County Branch volunteers celebrate the completion of the Barrie Public Library project in 1996

A major aspect of our organization are the volunteers. The Simcoe County Branch is a very active and dynamic part of the Ontario Genealogical Society. We are thankful to have so many members who volunteer their time and talents to assist with our numerous projects.

Without them, we would not be able to provide the resources, or put on the events that we do. Through their work, we are able to run efficiently and effectively. This giving of time and effort is at all levels, from the Executive through to our general members, as well as non-members who share our common interests. Whether it is transcribing information from gravestones, or microfilm, typing, proof reading, indexing, editing, cataloging, shelving books, or serving in some capacity on the Executive, it is the volunteers who are the engine of the Branch.

Without the resources and learning experiences they provide, research would be difficult if not impossible. All genealogists and family researchers should be concerned with the success and continued operation of genealogical societies.

If you have benefited from any of our work, consider giving back to The Society to help us continue to provide resources for researchers of today and tomorrow by volunteering a little time and energy to help give back some of what you receive. There are plenty of projects that cannot be done without the help of volunteers, and even a few hours of help can be very beneficial. To find out how you can help, contact the Branch Chair.