Settlers Forms

One of the longest ongoing projects undertaken by the Simcoe County Branch involves compiling genealogical information about Simcoe County settlers. The Branch Executive encourages everyone with Simcoe County roots to participate in this project and ask that you consider completing Settlers forms for your earliest known ancestor(s) in Simcoe County and submit them to the Branch.

This is an excellent way to share information about your Simcoe County pioneer ancestors and perhaps find others with similar interests. If you have not already submitted your information, or, if you have and want to update your information, the following links provide access to the Settlers forms in two different formats that you can fill in and mail back to the Branch.

  • Adobe format: PDF – document opens in a new browser window
  • Word format: MS Word – document automatically downloads to your computer

The completed forms are deposited at the Simcoe County Archives in Midhurst with copies kept in binders – “Settlers Forms Volume 1-27” – in the Simcoe County Branch collection located at the Barrie Public Library. Copies are also filed with the Publications Coordinator for indexing and the information entered in the Settlers Database that can be searched online.

We also encourage the submission of family group sheets and pedigree charts. These may be hand written on standard forms, or computer generated, and are treated in a manner similar to the Settlers Forms. Pedigree Charts Volumes 1 to 4 and Family Group Sheets Volumes 1 to 3 are also on file in our Branch collection. Information from these forms has also been entered in the Settlers Database.