Angus Union Cemetery

OGS Number: 3490

Address: 60 Vernon St., Angus, Essa Twp
Directions: From the north or east, follow Mill St. to Margaret St.
East on Margaret St. for 700 m to Vernon St.
South on Vernon St for 180 m. Cemetery is on East side.
From the south, follow County Road 10 north to Vernon St.
North on Vernon St for 900 m.
Geographic Twp: Essa Con 3 Lot 29

Condition: Active
Size: Over 800 Stones

Office: Angus Union Cemetery Board
60 Vernon St
Angus, Ontario, L0M 1B0
(705) 424-9630

Publications: Angus Union Cemetery;
Barrie, Ontario: Simcoe County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, 2008

In 1860, Jonas TarBush (also known as Jonas T. Bush) donated the first acre of land for use as a cemetery. In 1896, his son, H. L. TarBush donated a second acre to expand the existing cemetery. In 1936, an additional 2.4 acres were added on to the south and west sides, and further additions were purchased from R. Adams in 1967 and from G. Robinson in 1969 bringing the total size of the cemetery to 7 acres. Records do not exist for the old section that was in use from 1865 to 1896, nor for most of the plots up to period 1935 to 1940. Burial records do exist for most plots after 1935.

Based on information provided by members of the Angus Union Cemetery Board.

Photo - Angus Union Cemetery

Photo by John F. Wright, 2006

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