Guideline for Queries submissions

Your queries should be concise and provide as much information as possible about the individual(s) as well as what it is you are seeking. Surnames should be in upper case. Include a first name, at least one place, and a date. Write words out in full and try to avoid ambiguities.

Remember, in a query, you are asking others to take time to help you with your research problem. You should clearly state what information you are seeking. Broad questions such as “Looking for all SMITHS” are unlikely to create much interest. More specific questions, such as “Looking for parents of John Doe, born 1853 in Vespra Twp” are more likely to generate a response.

Submissions should be directed to the Newsletter Editor with “QUERY FOR SCAN” in the subject line.

SCAN is issued quarterly. Deadlines for submissions for each issue are:

Issue             Deadline
February         January 1
May                 April 1
August            July 1
November       October 1

In addition to publishing your submission in SCAN, we will post it to Queries page on our Web Site. Only your name and e-mail address will be published online as contact information.

Please note the Ontario Genealogical Society can not accept responsibility for any direct or indirect uses that may subsequently be made of the published or posted information by any person.