Ivy Presbyterian Church Cemetery

OGS Number: 3495

Address: 5067 Twentieth Sideroad, Essa Twp
Directions: 180 m east of Ninth Line, south side
Geographic Twp: Essa Con 9 Lot 20

Condition: Active
Size: Over 100 stones

Office: Ivy Presbyterian Church Cemetery Board
254 Barrie Street
Thornton, Ontario, L0L 2N0
(416) 762-8175 X 331


In 1867, James Brown donated land on which to build a Presbyterian Church and burial ground. A frame building was erected the following year. In 1897, the structure was remodeled. A stone foundation was placed under the building and the rest of the church was bricked. New seats and a pulpit were provided and the first furnace was installed. Electric lighting was installed in 1935. A Church parlor, kitchen, and washrooms were added in 1975. Further enhancements, including a new hardwood floor, wainscoting, carpet, and ceiling fans were added in 1984.
Based on information from:
History of Ivy Presbyterian Church, article from July 5, 1928 article available online (2017) made available through ourontario.ca

Photo - Ivy Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Photo by John F. Wright, 2006

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