Marlow Family

OGS Number:

Address: Old Penetanguishene Road, Springwater Twp
Geographic Twp: Flos Con 1 WPR Lot 55 (N1/2)

Size: Single unmarked grave.



In 1834, Hugh Marlow, an old soldier, gave up Lot 59 in Medonte and moved over to Lot 55 in Flos on the old Penetangiuishene Road. There he kept a store and later, a tavern. On 6 Aug 1837 he became the first post master in Flos Twp. The first Petty Courts were held at his house. Hugh died in 1840 at the age of 48 years. According to the Hallen Register, he was buried 27 Mar 1840 on Lot 55 Con 1 Flos. His will was probated 18 Jul 1840.
Based on information from:
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