Simcoe County Branch members are invited to submit surnames they are researching so that others may contact them and compare notes. Submissions by e-mail are encouraged, to facilitate the process. Please refer to the following guidelines and sample when preparing your message.


  • Address your e-mail to
  • The subject of your e-mail must read "Simcoe County Branch Member Surname List"
  • List your name, membership information, contact information, and web site as outlined in the sample below. A web site reference must contain information about the surnames that you submit. Please, no commercial links. Only your name, e-mail address and web site URL (if applicable) will be published online.
  • You may submit up to 10 surnames that you are researching anywhere in the world. Please create a new line in your message for each entry.
  • List your surnames alphabetically and type surnames in capitals, identify any spelling variations with a slash, e.g. SMITH/SMYTH.
  • Identify the time frame you are researching, e.g. 1750-1920, or bef. 1830, or 1652+. If multiple locations are involved, place approximate time before each location.
  • Identify location(s). Separate town/township, county, province and country with commas. Use " > " to identify migratory patterns. Country codes must be included for each surname. For a complete explanation of province/state/county, and country codes, please refer to Roots Surname List Country Abbreviations.
  • Carefully proofread your entire message before you send it.
  • Your surnames will be added to the list within 10 days of submission. Please check back in about 2 weeks to ensure they have been listed correctly.


Sample Submission

Subject: Simcoe County Branch Member Surname List
Name: John Doe
OGS Membership No.: 12345
Postal Address: 123 Any Street, Town/City, Province/State/County, Postal/Zip Code, Country
Phone Number: 555-555-5555
E-maill address: johndoe – at –
Website URL:

DOE: 1530-1700, Cam, GLS, ENG
JONES: bef 1830, Kings Pylon, HEF, ENG
HILL: 1880+, Tecumseth, Simcoe, ON, CA
SMITH/SMYTH: CAM, ENG > 1834 Tiny, Simcoe, ON, CA > 1905 Winnipeg, MB, CA