Swan Family

OGS Number: 3401

Address: Old Second North, Springwater Twp
Directions: 200 m north of Flos Road Four E, west side.
Geographic Twp: Flos Con 2 WPR Lot 52

Condition: Abandoned and ploughed over for many decades. Restored in 2005.
Size: No individual stones remain. A monument commemorating the cemetery was erected in 2005.

Office: Township of Springwater
1110 Highway 26
Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0
(705) 728-6957


The Swan Cemetery was established in the 1840s on the Swan family homestead before the existence of churches, clergy, and official cemeteries in the immediate area. Once the Presbyterian cemetery was opened in Hillsdale, the burial site was abandoned and eventually forgotten. It became part of a farm field and was ploughed over for many decades. In 2003, steps were undertaken to find and restore the site using ground penetrating radar. A small parcel of land was donated to the township. In 2005, the Springwater Heritage Committee erected a stone monument to mark the location. The following message is included on the stone: “ SWAN COMMUNITY CEMETERY – A community cemetery was established at this place by the family of Oswald Swan, formerly of Co. Cavan, Ireland. It served the Swan family, the Davenport family, and others of this pioneer settlement in the 1840s and 1850s before regular cemeteries were established. Erected by the Springwater Heritage committee, 2005”. A dedication ceremony was held on June 4, 2006.
Based on information from:
Early 19th century pioneer cemetery to be dedicated in Springwater Township, Media release by Township of Springwater, May 2006

Photo - Swan Family

Photo by John F. Wright, 2006

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