Waverley Gospel Hall Cemetery

AKA: Gospel Hall Waverly/ Waverley
OGS Number: 3504

Address: 17017 Co. Rd 27, Tay Twp
Directions: 200 m west of Hwy 93, south side
Geographic Twp: Flos Con 1 WPR Lot 75

Condition: Active.
Size: 33 Stones

Office: Waverley Gospel Hall
17017 Co. Rd 27, Site W, Box 85, RR#3,
Elmvale, Ontario L0L 1P0
(705) 534-3091 or (705) 322-9682

Publications: Tombstone Inscriptions in Waverley Gospel Hall Cemetery;
By Denise and John Ladoucer, 2005

“Waverly Gospel Hall”
Monumental Transcriptions Vol 1, Central North Simcoe County;
Extracted, edited and indexed by Eldon D. Weber
Toronto, Ontario: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1977.

According to Peterson, Thomas and Jane French, immigrants from England, donated a parcel of land from their farm for the erection of the Waverley Gospel Hall in 1885. Thomas is listed as Evangelist on both the 1891 and 1901 Census. The Land Registry Abstract records a land transaction in 1898 that identifies the property as “the buildings known as the Hall and grounds attached”. The Abstract also indicates that on 11 Dec 1911, Isaac French [a son of Thomas French] sold a parcel of land to Samuel French & William H. Herbert, Trustees of a religious body termed ??? Christians. It is assumed this was a formal deed for the land previously donated by his father. About 1950, a small room was added to the back of the old Hall for Sunday School classes. A new Hall was built in 1964. Today, about 40 adults and children attend Waverley Gospel Hall.
Based on information from:
A History of Some Assemblies of Christians in North America, by Robert L. Peterson
Land Registry Abstract for Flos Twp Con 1 WPR N1/2 Lot 75, Simcoe County Land Registry Office

Photo - Waverley Gospel Hall Cemetery

Photo by John F. Wright, 2005

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