Waverley United Church Cemetery

AKA: Waverly / Waverly Methodist, French’s Church
OGS Number: 3508

Address: 17039 Co. Rd 27, Tay Twp
Directions: 100 m west of Hwy 93, south side
Geographic Twp: Flos Con 1 WPR Lot 75

Condition: Active.
Size: 219 Stones

Office: Waverley United Church Cemetery Board
6670 Hwy 93, Site W, Box 5, RR#3,
Elmvale, Ontario L0L 1P0

Publications: Tombstone Inscriptions in Waverley United Church Cemetery;
By Denise and John Ladoucer, 2005

“Waverly Methodist”
Monumental Transcriptions Vol 1, Central North Simcoe County;
Extracted, edited and indexed by Eldon D. Weber
Toronto, Ontario: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1977.

The cemetery was located on the corner of the Samuel French farm who emigrated from Gloucestershire, England in 1832, first settling in Medonte, and eventually purchasing land at Waverley in 1848. He died in 1852 and is the earliest recorded burial in the cemetery. The church was opened in 1868, however, the land was not deeded until 6 years later. According to the Land Registry Abstract, on 11 Feb 1874, Thomas French [a son of Samuel] and his wife sold a ¾ acre parcel in the NE ¼ of the lot to “Amos S. Arksey et al, Trustees of Frenchs Congregation of W.M. [Wesleyan Methodist] Church”. In 1925, following church union, the congregation became part of the United Church. An addition was made to the south end of the church in 1883. A memorial tower was added to the structure in 1961. The building is one of the few remaining Methodist churches constructed with timbers and has been designated as a heritage site. The burial ground was located west of the Methodist church. Thomas French later changed from Methodist to Evangelist and donated land for a second church [see Waverley Gospel Hall] immediately west of the Methodist Cemetery. In recent years, the cemetery has been expanded and now includes lands to the south and west of the Gospel Hall.
Based on information from:
Waverley United Church A Heritage Site, by Orland French,
Monumental Transcriptions Vol 1, Central North Simcoe County, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1977
Land Registry Abstract for Flos Twp Con 1 WPR N1/2 Lot 75, Simcoe County Land Registry Office
The Tay Township Heritage web site includes a history of the church.

Photo - Waverley United Church Cemetery

Photo by John F. Wright, 2005

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